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Learn the Japanese language right and expand your career opportunities further.

Japanese is one of the most beneficial languages that will help you stand out from the rest when you are entering the workforce. Not like French and Spanish, Japanese is a lesser popular language that has a huge career potential.

Still, there are only a few people who have Japanese language skills as a second language when compared to crowd that learn popular languages like French and Spanish. Thus if you have good language skills in Japanese it will not just open doors for professions in another level but will improve your chances to land the job as the competition is comparatively low for Japanese speaking candidates.

The demand for Japanese speaking foreign professionals is rising fast than ever before not just in multi-national corporations but in the Japanese job market too. Which is why Japanese has become one of the languages that will set you up for the career success you’ve been dreaming of for sure.

Never  doubt whether you have what it takes to learn Japanese or not. Trust us, It’s way easier and simpler language to learn than it appears to be.

Learn Japanese with Academy of Tourism and Foreign Languages and lay a good foundation for your dream career.

About The Course

Targeted especially for beginners in Japanese language, our course covers all the essential language skills in the Japanese language that will give you a good start. With a comprehensive syllabus that covers writing, listening, speaking and reading skills, you will be taught from the very beginning using proven methods for learning the Japanese language easily.

The course is conducted by a well-qualified teacher who has many years of experience in teaching the language and who understands the average learning pace of a student very well. Our course has specially designed to offer our students an interesting, engaging and interactive learning experience. At the end of the course, you’ll be very comfortable and confident with your Japanese language skills which are even enough to get you good results in JLPT / NAT exams.