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Get competent in the second most popular language in the world that can open doors for opportunities you never thought possible. Learn French right from a legit institution like us in a short period of time and enjoy the widened academic and career opportunities worldwide.

French is the sixth most spoken language in the world and it considers as the international language of fashion, theatre, cooking, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Plus learning French language will lay a good foundation for learning other languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian making the future language learning process easy.

It’s one of the languages that is fun to learn and can be very advantageous in connecting with the world.  

It doesn’t matter that you have never learnt French in your life before. Because we are here to teach the French language from the very beginning and make you fully competent in the French language in just a … months.

This is a skill that will catch the eyes of any interviewee making you stand out from the rest. Don’t miss your chance to learn the French Language from the best teachers in the country with  Academy of Tourism and Foreign Languages and get your French sharp, fast.

About The Course

Aiming to deliver a simple and easy language learning experience, our French language course teaches you from the very beginning. Conducted by experienced teachers, we ensure you a high-quality learning experience that makes you competent in the language in writing, reading, speaking alike.

At the end of the course, the students will have good confidence to converse in French as the course includes theory lessons as well as practical lessons.  At Academy of Tourism and Foreign Languages, we pay individual attention to each and every one of the students and ensure a successful learning experience for each and every one who joined the course.