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“Fools learn from their mistakes. Wise-men learn from other’s mistakes.”

Learn from the experts in the industry to achieve your tourism business success cutting the learning curve in half. So you can thrive in this highly competitive and highly saturated industry fast.

Whether you are a startup in travel, tourism or hospitality industry or a company who is looking forward to growing and expanding fast, our consultation services can assist you with the right knowledge and resources to reach your goals.

Offering you one on one consultation services for businesses and companies in travel, destination management, tourism and hospitality, we deliver you the right knowledge, right strategies and proven processes to navigate through your business challenges effectively for ultimate success.

How we can help you?

With a team of tourism experts in the industry who have more than decades of hands-on experience working in Sri Lanka tourism, our goal is to help you increase your profits while optimizing your operations for effective growth. Working with our clients closely our team expertise in analyzing businesses to find the root problems and putting together practical plans to help you convert your problem to an opportunity for more profits.

We’ll help you understand the strengths and the flaws of your business as well as emerging market trends that you should get ready for. 

At  Academy of Tourism and Foreign Languages our solution mainly focuses on the followings

Business Establishment – Success of anything lies on a strong foundation. With years of experience in the industry, we help you establish your business for a solid start helping you from business registration, other legal work including obtaining necessary licensing to networking with travel agents and hotels. 

Staff recruitment – The staff can make or break a company. Consulting and assisting you throughout your staff recruitment process taking the hassle out of finding a skilled team for your company we’ll be recruiting staff from our very own training course assuring you of a team who can work independently.

Marketing and sales –We understand that at the end of the day bottom-line is what every business is concerned about and required to survive. With a team of marketing specialists in tourism and hospitality industry, we ensure you a custom made marketing and sales plan for your target market from building your sales funnel to strategic travel marketing approaches to keep inquiries flowing. 

Business operations – Business operation optimization is the key to deliver your guests a satisfactory service while increasing your profits. From managing money, clients, staff to service providers, we’ll deliver you a detailed plan to help you manage your operations smoothly with ease. Let us help you run your business smoothly for more profits. Contacts us now.