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About Us

Education Background

We are eager to give you best Education and style.


To be a leading Academy of Tourism and Foreign Languages company in Sri Lanka delivering a high-quality learning experience that endows our students with practical skills to navigate their career success.


To provide a high-calibre learning experience offering our students opportunities to enhance individual achievement ensuring an interesting and beneficial education with practical skills to enter the industry with confidence.

Sharm Bastiansz – M.B.A (Australia)

Being in the travel and tourism industry for more than 10 years, Sharm is a travel expert and an entrepreneur who is in a mission to generate well-skilled professionals to the Sri Lankan travel industry. He is an avid traveller and holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business. He shares his expertise as a business consultant and a tourism professional trainer while overseeing the company strategy to ensure its future development.

Pinsara Samarasekara – L.L.B (London)

Academy of Tourism and Foreign Languages is the brainchild of Pinsara who is a travel professional trained under Sharm Bastiansz with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Managing marketing aspects and business operations he makes sure the business runs smoothly. Being a former English teacher he shares his knowledge conducting English for students while sharing his expertise as a tourism professional trainer. He holds an L.L.B degree from University of London . Currently, he is reading attorney at law in Sri Lanka Law College.

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